Monday, April 29, 2013

Sunday's Lovable Furballs - 3

It's a little late posting, but this weekend wore me out. :) 

The Humane Society had a big event this weekend. All of the animals were $25.   I went out both Saturday and Sunday to walk dogs.  
A lot of fur babies were adopted, but here are some that weren't.

*Click on their names to see 'em on the Humane Society's Page*

She's so sweet and quick to give kisses.  She's a little shy at first, but warms up quickly. Isn't Ginger a pretty pup?

She's a sweetie and walks well on the leash.  I just met her on Saturday and enjoyed my walk with her.

She's a young mama who had a litter not too long ago.  She's sweet and loves to gives kisses and is real curious about what goes on around her.  Janice also loves to play and will go to town on a toy. :)

AND for some awesomeness...Here are the adopted bunch! I hope they found good home and won't be returned. (Yes, people do that)  I will find out this weekend.  Here's to happy thoughts.

I was sooo happy to see him with a family, and lucky enough to get some goodbye lovin'.





Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sketching Feathers

An idea came to for very near future painting or ink drawing...Maybe a combo of both.  Anyway, I'm toying around with the idea of either a peacock feather or an entire peacock.  

My ugly ducking draft idea for feathers. :)

Yeah, it's nothing fancy, but my prelims never are.  

And here's Kodee being oh so cute loving her car rides. She and Namath come and pick me up from work sometimes. Kodee makes herself comfortable on my lap.  My 45lbs lap dog. :)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Shop Items

I've finally started adding new items to my shop. :0  I can be such a slacker.


Monday, April 22, 2013

Enchilada Success

Every once in a while I'm struck with an idea of trying to make "my own" meal. Usually, it doesn't turn out like I hope...As in, gross.
This time, I was successful.  My tummy is happy.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday's Loveable Furballs #2

The rain this weekend sucked.  Not a lot of people came out to walk the doggies in the morning when we went.  We tried walking as many as we could. Luckily, the rain let up for a couple of hours.

Here are a couple of great dogs we walked this weekend.  If you are in the area an looking for a doggy, please check these pups out.  If you are looking for a kitty, they have loads of cuties.  I cannot play with them because I'm allergic, but Namath is sure to tell them "Hello" when we come in. :)

*Click on their names to see 'em on the Humane Society's Page*

He can sit, and play fetch. He's super sweet and walked nicely on the leash.  He loves belly rubs. Dexter does like to jump up on you, but he's still young, so some obedience classes would be great.

He is a smartie pants.  Jeffrey can sit, play fetch, shake, lay down and stay. He loves to play like a puppy.  And I know I said ATREYU probably would sound like Morgan Freeman, well Jeffrey would sound like Ron Perlman. Look at that jaw line!  Jeffrey has a great disposition and would be a great dog, even if he's a distinguished old man.  He's one of our favorites, and we hope everyday that someone will see how great he is.  Seriously, if we had the space, and he and Kodee (we aren't sure how Kodee is with other doggies) got along, he'd be home with us! Stop by and give him some love!

All she wants to lovin'. She's super sweet and laid back. Jeannie would rather cuddle up with you than run around playing.  Need a great reading buddy? I'm sure she'd be perfect to curl up with.  :) 

He walks nicely on a leash and loves to play.  He has lots of energy and loves running around.  Lucan loves to sit for a treat.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Good Earth

A great estate sale find and worth the $1.00 I spent.  A good read.

The book was easy to follow.  There wasn't time wasted on details that weren't important to the story.  Clear and concise. 

Wang Lung is a poor farmer who manages to become wealthy, something he thinks he always wanted.  The story goes through the trials and tribulations of his life with his family.

I'm fond of his wife O-lan and wish a book was written about her life as a former slave.

Even with the cultural differences, I think the the theme can be related to someone's life today. 

I thought it was a rather sad story, but that is how life is for some. Not everyone can have a happy ending.

I don't want to give a lot of the plot away...BUT I'm dying to discuss the it.  I gave it to Namath to read, but it will be months before he gets around to it. Blah.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday's Loveable Furballs

Walking the dogs at the Humane Society for the past couple of months has been lots of fun.  We used to go a couple of times a week, but now with Kodee we can't go as much.  Namath and I do make the time to come every Saturday morning.  

The Jacksonville Humane Society is a no kill shelter and they are working on building a bigger shelter once they raise enough money.  That will be so awesome.  

Here are a couple of great dogs we walked this weekend.  If you are in the area an looking for a doggy, please check these pups out.  If you are looking for a kitty, they have loads of cuties.  I cannot play with them because I'm allergic, but Namath is sure to tell them "Hello" when we come in. :)

*Click on their names to see 'em on the Humane Society's Page*

She was hard to get a picture of because all she wanted to do was cuddle. :)  She's super sweet and can sit and walks pretty good on a leash. Faith LOVES hugs and gives lots of kisses in return.  She looks like she could be Kodee's long lost mommy.

Isn't he pretty?  He's super sweet and rather gentle.  He loves to chase tennis balls, but doesn't like to give them back. He will come back to show you he got it though. :)  So far he can sit and walks nicely on a leash.

He's a sweet old man.  (Don't forget, old dogs need loving homes too.) I envision him having a voice like Morgan Freeman.  He's laid back and loves for you to love on him.  He'd make a great movie watching companion.

Maggie had such a bad case of mange when she came in.  She had to wear a little vest to stay warm! Her hair is growing back, and as you can see, she's going to be oh so cute.  :)  Look at those golden honey eyes.  She's a super sweet pup.

I'm going to start posting every Sunday in hopes it might help an animal find a home.

Last week, a couple asked me about a dog, and I told them all about him...Next thing I know, he wasn't there on Saturday. Yay!! 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

I Want To Ride

My greatest work is...completed!!

My bike is done. :)

It took a while for my dad and I to sand off all the paint and rust - two weekends.  My dad did all of the spray painting.  I'm glad because I don't think I would have done as good of a job.

I decided to keep the cream color and chose blue because it was the closest to the color of the wheels I could find.  I probably could have ordered matching paint, but it doesn't bother me much.  The Burg doesn't have a huge color selection at any of the local stores, but any shade of blue is awesome to me.



Pretty sweet.  I haven't gone out for a ride yet.  She is still at my parents house. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Puppy Love

I finally have a fur baby!!!

Namath talked our landlord into letting us have a dog. (We're the most responsible tenants ever - seriously.)

We met Miss Cody on our first day volunteering.  She was so cute and shy. I renamed her Inky because of her stripes. "Inky" quickly became one of our favorites.

Around St. Patrick's Day when we came to walk the pups almost all of our favorites had been adopted. Yay!  But it left us a little bummed we couldn't see our buddies anymore.  "Inky" and Murphy were left, but Murphy is too big for our current place. :(  "Inky" would be a great fit though.

After we walked all of the pups, Namath took "Inky" out to play again. They were two peas in a pod goofing off.  That's when Namath said he couldn't take it if she ended up with a different family.

So, he spoke with our landlord, and I brought her home on St. Patrick's day.  We weren't prepared for a dog, but thankfully I have friends with animals and they hooked us up with the essentials. 


 Kodee Beulla White

We reverted back to the name "Cody" because Inky White doesn't sound nice together.  What's with Beulla?  I thought it was a good southern name since Namath is from Southwest Georgia, and she is a southern dog...  I read the name Beulah in Gone With The Wind. :)


She's doing real well, and will be enrolled in doggy obedience school next month.  Kodee will be the smartest dog on the block.