Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Banged Up and A Baby Stitting Adventure

 Just when my running was going good, life kicks me in the butt. While taking a shower, the mounted ceramic soap dish fell off the wall and onto my ankle and cut me.  It hurt like hell, but Namath managed to bandage me up pretty good, as you can see. I probably should have gone to the hospital to get stitches, but I'm too stubborn.  It's not broken, and only two stitches max would be needed, so why bother?  I'm a hobbling fool right now. =)

 On a life learning note, we watched Maclin over night, and it actually turned out OK.  I changed my first poopie diaper, and lived. (How stinky can a baby's get?!) He's a good baby, but it still gives us no desire to have one.  I liked giving him back.

I left them alone to go to a race, and this is how I find them.  Too cute!