Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday's Loveable Furballs #2

The rain this weekend sucked.  Not a lot of people came out to walk the doggies in the morning when we went.  We tried walking as many as we could. Luckily, the rain let up for a couple of hours.

Here are a couple of great dogs we walked this weekend.  If you are in the area an looking for a doggy, please check these pups out.  If you are looking for a kitty, they have loads of cuties.  I cannot play with them because I'm allergic, but Namath is sure to tell them "Hello" when we come in. :)

*Click on their names to see 'em on the Humane Society's Page*

He can sit, and play fetch. He's super sweet and walked nicely on the leash.  He loves belly rubs. Dexter does like to jump up on you, but he's still young, so some obedience classes would be great.

He is a smartie pants.  Jeffrey can sit, play fetch, shake, lay down and stay. He loves to play like a puppy.  And I know I said ATREYU probably would sound like Morgan Freeman, well Jeffrey would sound like Ron Perlman. Look at that jaw line!  Jeffrey has a great disposition and would be a great dog, even if he's a distinguished old man.  He's one of our favorites, and we hope everyday that someone will see how great he is.  Seriously, if we had the space, and he and Kodee (we aren't sure how Kodee is with other doggies) got along, he'd be home with us! Stop by and give him some love!

All she wants to lovin'. She's super sweet and laid back. Jeannie would rather cuddle up with you than run around playing.  Need a great reading buddy? I'm sure she'd be perfect to curl up with.  :) 

He walks nicely on a leash and loves to play.  He has lots of energy and loves running around.  Lucan loves to sit for a treat.

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