Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday's Loveable Furballs - 8

You've heard the phrase it's raining cats and dogs, right? Well, Clay County Animal Care and Control is flooded. They are busting at the seams and in need of adopters, fosters, or rescue groups to help get their animals out.

Clay County is a kill shelter that is trying their hardest to do that as a last resort. So, considers helping save a life by adopting from them. One animal out helps another live an extra day. Their shelter is out in the middle of no where. (Really, you'll probably think you're lost trying to find the place). They also have an adoption center in Fleming Island where you can meet potential family members and ask about the others at the shelter.

Namath and I try to volunteer here once a month, it's almost an hour drive for us to get there. We've met a lot of great dogs and people from Friends of Clay County Animals (FOCCA). If you can't adopt from them, please consider adopting from else where when you want a fur baby. Adoption is the best option!

Did you save your fur baby from death row?

Here are some great pups courtesy of Pavlina Sanborn Photography. This amazing pet photographer volunteers her time to help get beautiful photos of animals needing homes.

Tally: She's about 7 and was dropped off by her owner for being too old. Jerk off... She's very sweet and hates being at the shelter. It's making her upset. Maybe you want to take her home?

Blitzen: He's about 2 and super smart.  He's kind of in his punky teenage stage, so he'd really do well with some obedience training. He will work for treats!

Daisy: She's about 2 and loves the tennis ball and treats.