Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday's Loveable Furballs

Walking the dogs at the Humane Society for the past couple of months has been lots of fun.  We used to go a couple of times a week, but now with Kodee we can't go as much.  Namath and I do make the time to come every Saturday morning.  

The Jacksonville Humane Society is a no kill shelter and they are working on building a bigger shelter once they raise enough money.  That will be so awesome.  

Here are a couple of great dogs we walked this weekend.  If you are in the area an looking for a doggy, please check these pups out.  If you are looking for a kitty, they have loads of cuties.  I cannot play with them because I'm allergic, but Namath is sure to tell them "Hello" when we come in. :)

*Click on their names to see 'em on the Humane Society's Page*

She was hard to get a picture of because all she wanted to do was cuddle. :)  She's super sweet and can sit and walks pretty good on a leash. Faith LOVES hugs and gives lots of kisses in return.  She looks like she could be Kodee's long lost mommy.

Isn't he pretty?  He's super sweet and rather gentle.  He loves to chase tennis balls, but doesn't like to give them back. He will come back to show you he got it though. :)  So far he can sit and walks nicely on a leash.

He's a sweet old man.  (Don't forget, old dogs need loving homes too.) I envision him having a voice like Morgan Freeman.  He's laid back and loves for you to love on him.  He'd make a great movie watching companion.

Maggie had such a bad case of mange when she came in.  She had to wear a little vest to stay warm! Her hair is growing back, and as you can see, she's going to be oh so cute.  :)  Look at those golden honey eyes.  She's a super sweet pup.

I'm going to start posting every Sunday in hopes it might help an animal find a home.

Last week, a couple asked me about a dog, and I told them all about him...Next thing I know, he wasn't there on Saturday. Yay!! 

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