Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Puppy Love

I finally have a fur baby!!!

Namath talked our landlord into letting us have a dog. (We're the most responsible tenants ever - seriously.)

We met Miss Cody on our first day volunteering.  She was so cute and shy. I renamed her Inky because of her stripes. "Inky" quickly became one of our favorites.

Around St. Patrick's Day when we came to walk the pups almost all of our favorites had been adopted. Yay!  But it left us a little bummed we couldn't see our buddies anymore.  "Inky" and Murphy were left, but Murphy is too big for our current place. :(  "Inky" would be a great fit though.

After we walked all of the pups, Namath took "Inky" out to play again. They were two peas in a pod goofing off.  That's when Namath said he couldn't take it if she ended up with a different family.

So, he spoke with our landlord, and I brought her home on St. Patrick's day.  We weren't prepared for a dog, but thankfully I have friends with animals and they hooked us up with the essentials. 


 Kodee Beulla White

We reverted back to the name "Cody" because Inky White doesn't sound nice together.  What's with Beulla?  I thought it was a good southern name since Namath is from Southwest Georgia, and she is a southern dog...  I read the name Beulah in Gone With The Wind. :)


She's doing real well, and will be enrolled in doggy obedience school next month.  Kodee will be the smartest dog on the block.

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