Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday's Loveable Furballs - 7

We were dog walking machines this weekend. Namath was able to get today off, so we went twice this weekend instead of our usual Saturday. Since it is a holiday weekend, a lot of people go on mini trips, so there weren't as many people as usual.   We tried to walk as many as we could the few hours we could go. It has been great weather wise and we were able to meet a lot of new dogs.  :)

This week's Love Furballs is dedicated to a couple of the long term residents.

*Click on their names to see 'em on the Humane Society's Page*

She's a nice girl. Her appearance makes me laugh. :)  She can sit and walk nicely on a leash. Mekha doesn't care for other dogs, so she should be an only child.


Here is the another Faith. She's been here for a while and hates it. :( Faith hates having to go back into her kennel. She can be a little bit aloof when you first meet her, but super loving once she warms up to you. She can walk nicely on a leash and can sit and likes to play. Isn't she pretty?
Want a dog you can take on a boat or the beach? Sophia is your gal. She LOVES the water! Sophia is a newer dog, so I don't know too much about her...BUT she's sweet, loves to play, be loved on and the water. Put out a kiddie pool and she'll jump right in.

(A video of her in the water)


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