Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sickly Kodee

When we brought Kodee home, she was just starting heart worm treatment. On Tuesday, we brought her in for the last round.  Kodee has been miserable for the past few days.

We have been babying her for most of the week.  I think her runny nose could fill a bucket.  Little by little she is getting back to her normal silly self.

But to top off the lameness of the week...I burnt the last pizza I had that my parents brought me back from Pennsylvania.  BOO!

My glorious pizza turned pitch black.  I turned on Broil to melt the cheese better, my first time using the setting...And I didn't realize it would melt the cheese so quickly. D'oh.  Luckily, I'll get more when we go up and visit my Gram this summer.  (We seriously fill up about three coolers full of this). It's one of the staples of our trips.  We always have to have pizza and coney dogs when we go to New Castle.  I love food traditions. When we visit my husband's grandmothers in Georgia, we drive about 30 minutes to get Jimmy's Hotdogs. EVERY...SINGLE...TIME.  I should have known we were meant to be together when we both had family hotdog spots. 

 On a good note.  Kodee is feeling better today.  See!

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