Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday's Loveable Furballs - 6

Any animal over six months is free! 

There were a lot of new faces this weekend. I can only hope they find homes soon.  The Jacksonville Humane Society is going to be a participant in the Rachael Ray 100k Challenge.  I'm hoping we can be top competitive shelter. :)

*Click on their names to see 'em on the Humane Society's Page*

A sweet hound dog and pretty too! Tippy walks nicely on a leash. She loves to sniff everything. :)

Handsome and smart! Gus can fetch, sit, shake and stay. He likes to play even if he's a little "older." Age is a state of mind, right?

This sweetheart is one of my new favorites. She's sweet and laid back.  I think she might have been used to pop out babies, but not anymore! Now she can focus on being a great dog. :)  I love her eyes and under bite. 

Great News: 

Faith is recovering nicely.  She's now eligible for adoption again.

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