Thursday, February 7, 2013

Puppy Love

I'm rather excited.  Namath and I are going to start walking dogs at the Humane Society. =)
It was, unbeknownst to him, on my to-do list for this year.  Since I have weekends off, I thought it would be fun to volunteer with animals.
I donate stuff to their thrift store when I do our spring/fall cleaning and try to donate money or useful items.  Anyway, I thought about the possibility of helping out with my time.
We've gone up there to visit a few times simply to tell the doggies they will eventually find a home.  We'd adopt one or two ourselves, but our landlord won't let us - which is a whole other story.
The last time we went up there we saw people with volunteer shirts playing with the dogs outside.  Namath asked if we'd be able to do it, and they say yes, they are in need of dog walkers.
So, on our way back to the car, Namath suggested if he could get the mornings off, would I like to walk dogs.  I think I must have swooned a little.  It was the sweetest idea EVER.  All the better because he asked.  

The great thing about the Humane Society is they are a no kill shelter, so I won't feel terrible about leaving the dogs behind.  Plus, knowing a dog has been adopted means there is room for an other dog to find a home. <3

What about the cats?  I'm allergic, so someone else will have to play with them in Kittyburg. =)

Any volunteering suggestions?     

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